English History Socorro

Socorro English History
SP – Brasil


* Foundation date – August 9th .

* Aniversary – August 9th.

* Pation Saint – Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro
August 15th .

The history of Socorro can be divided into six periods:

1st- It began on 16th , contry and goes to 1738 at the beginning of the colonization by Toledo Pizza Simão. At that time the indians who lived near the rivers "Peixe and Camanducaia", ranway due to the brave setters called "bandeirantes".

2st- It goes from 1738 to 1797. The region was called "Freguesia"and after Ätibaia Vilage". In 1797, it was named Bragança Vilage and after was named only Bragança. At that time was given to tolledo Pizza Simão a Sesmary, coming the "Compain os Toledo" originating São José de Toledo Village and after Socorro district.

3st- It goes from 1797 to 1883. At that time the "Campain"count on 94 houses and 566 inhabitants. Later in 1829, at the save place of our principal churc today, a smal chapel was built in honor to Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro. The 1st- mass was in august 9th. on Feb 28th , 1838, Socorro passed to "Freguesy" and on March 24th 1871, Village.
It began a competition beween Amparo and Bragança for its possesisurness. On april 21th, 1873 Socorro goes from Bragança Comaic to Amparo. On april 30th 1880 it returned to Bragança but for a little time, on march, 30th 1882 it was transfered to Amparo again.

4st- Socorro go its autonomy and the development starts. On march 17th, 1883, Socorro was elevated to "Town"and on may 10th, 1889 it"s created the comarc. The urban population was about 800 soues and 12.000 alltogether, town and country.

5st- Socorro was elevated to Sanitary Estância on april 24th, 1945, due to the offorts of the state governnent Fernando Costa.

6st- From 1960 on when began the knittting network. Until 1973 more than 9 thousand knitting machines were sold and the marketing got runnig well. In 1978, Socorro is taken to tour Estância e regets its politic rigts, having its elections for mayor on direct ways. Nowadays, Socorro is getting a new impulse to the tour, the hotels are increasing and the rural area getting new looks, ecotour, fishings and country hotels. Ther are spcial places for radical sports (rafting, bóia-cross, climbing, rapel, glides, trike, model flying and horse-riding, contests, ropping, etc.)

7st- As commented above, a seventh period, that we can consider to have begun in 1997, with the arrival in Help of Canoar Rafting and Expeditions, operating Rafting (Boats inflated that vary from 6 to 10 length feet) in Rio of the Fish, giving the initial kick in the Tourism of Sports of Adventure in Help.
Today Help bill with more than 22 modalities of Sports of Adventure and it is one of the principal places of the State of São Paulo for Ecological Tourism.

* Emancipation date
March 17th, 1883

* Principal caracter far the formation of the municipe - Simão de Toledo Pizza.

* Origin of the name – Socorro
Pation Saint – “Our Lady of The Perpetual Help”
in portuguese - Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro

* Slogan of Socorro
Socorro "Roads of Naturesa"

? VIP Caracteres the town

• Ferragutti Toninho

• Poet - Lino Guedes
Died in 1951, the socorrense Poet, its childhood here lived. Slave's Filho (Black Benedita, of Colonel Olímpio's house, that, for its kindness, he/she lived in freedom) it was him a gracefulness to whole rova. Its first letters learned in Help and the normal school did in Campinas, where he/she wrote for the Newspaper and for the Popular Mail. It moved to São Paulo and he/she became a poet. He/she sings what sits down. He/she wrote many books of verses: Smiles of the captivity; Urucungo; The song of the black swan, etc.

We will leave today the afternoon
It swallows its chinelinha,
Also that dress
That he/she gave it its godmother,
Of a thing he/she doesn't forget:
See well of coming... alone...


Total area – 442,2 Km²
Population – 34.000
Urban – about 20.000
Rural – 14.000

* Demografy density – 76,88

* Climate: warn, dry
Higt: 745m
Hidrography: One small river ( Fishe`s River ) cross the town and several medicina / fountains, whose water is used to prevent or cure some diseases.

* Location:
Southeast of Brazil
North of São Paulo State
132 Km far from de capital city São Paulo
110 km from Campinas

* Boundenies:
North: Águas de Lindóia (SP) e Monte Sião (MG)
South: Pinhalzinho and Bragança Paulista (SP)
West: Amparo and Serra Negra (SP)

* Main Roads
São Paulo/Socorro – Roads: Fernão Dias, Capitão Braduino
Rio de Janeiro/Socorro – Roads: Dutra; D.PedroI, Fernão Dias, Capitão Barduino

* Economic Activities
1. Tour, trade and services
2. Agriculture
3. Micro- Industries of clothes
4. Tourism

* Trades and services
1,197 commercial places
17,970 employees on
07 bank agencies

* Comunication
1. "O Município" – newspaper, weekly since 1921
2. "Jornal de Socorro" – newspaper, weekly since 2001
3. "Integração"- newspaper, newspaper, weekly since 2004
Radio – 01 AM Radio Station


During elapsing of the year several events of the different modalities of adventure sports they are marked: rafting, acqua rider, canoeing slalom, trakking, free flight, motorcycle cross, off road, canioning, cacading, rapel, and others.
They are also agendados, in several dates during the year, encounter of corals, music festival, I Project sound in the Square, I Project Sound in the Summer and other additional events.
Beside Municipal Horto, close to the Center of Exhibitions, of Tuesday to Sunday, of the 9 to the 18 hours, it is open to Permanent Fair of Meshes, the fair of Craft and the Moda Shopping, with more than 100 stores selling our meshes direct of our malharistas to the final consumer of clothes.


Street carnival and in the clubs

Rodeo Festival Country (June 30 to July 03 – 2005 )
Information: (55 - 019) 3855-2388 - rodeiosocorro@hotmail.com.br

Festival of Winter (From 09 to July 31)

Free Flight and Paraglider Festival (7)
Party of the Birthday of the City (9)

Encounter of the Patron – Motocross (August 14)

Party of - Our Lady of the Perpetual Help – ( Pation Saint ) (15)

Party of Our Lady of Brazil - of the Neighborhood of Aparecidinha.

Serenade of native for the streets of the city
New Year's Eve party in the square of the head office
There is also a dayly fair of knitting and cloth products

* Library
01 – Municipal Library "Esther de Toledo Teixeira"
about 2.000 books
Help to students and place for reading

* Museum
Exposition, history of the town
300 people visit it monthly


Most of the population is catolic and descend of italian imigrants. Due to these aspects ther are many parties acound. Folklore parties are frequent and the tradicion is still alive, mainly in August with many parties.
Socorro is located beside the Mantiqueira mountain. It's a region os many peaks and the hydrography is abundant.
The temperature is about 70 F to 100 F in Summer and – 37 F to 40 F in winter.

* 5 Falls - Monjolinho, Saltinho, Rio do Peixe, Sonhos, Eccopark
* Parks – Eccopark, dos Sonhos, Kango Jango, Pedra da Bela Vista, Base 55
* 29 Hotels
* 20 Restaurants and Snack Bars
* 120 Clothe`s Stores
* Movie
* Theater
* Museum
* 3 Observatory – Mirante do Cristo, Pedra da Bela Vista, Pico da Cascavel
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